Where I’m From


Our students are working on imagery pieces, last week’s prompt was “Where I’m From” Check out their work:


The BX

By A C.

I hear drunk people

Coming out of the club

Yelling, waking me up

The hot summer day

Hearing the lady yelling

“Coco, Mango, Cherry, Rainbow”

Me going to the corner store

Worrying about which one of these


standing on the corner

gonna try to talk to me first

100 degrees outside

feeling the water pump

push me…

stopping cars with my friends

trying to do a car wash

$5 Each

My Block

By Star

Shoot outs

Eating seeds on the stoop

Cops driving by every 30 min

Annoying kids running around

Grown up talking shit

Cousins with their gang, talking trouble

Grandma screaming to come in the house

Dad calling my phone for not listening

Me running to the store to see my friends

Block parties, looking the best on the block

With my siblings

Hitting my first blunt with my cousin

Sipping my first cup of Henny with my brother

Having my first boyfriend, first heartbreak…

And it all started at 1R



I’m from the block

Where it smells like weed everywhere

You go

And there’s music blasting from every

Other house

All I see is females walking around

Ready to do anything for a dollar

And young boys blasting guns every


By F.


What it’s like

By B.

I’m from 111st. My block is the litest block in my opinion

Where you hear the Spanish mothers screaming

Ven aca

At their children

Where you see the OGs

Sitting on their steps

Smoking their sour

When you go back


To your mother

And hug her

Smelling the mangu

And frying

the salami and cheese


Sometimes, even the guards like to write….


It Takes Me Back

By C. O. 

I am from New York City

Where the bright lights

On 42nd

Almost blind you

With its mystery

I grew up in Queens

With kids playing

On the block

Their laughter

Fills the streets

I can remember when mom

Would give us a curfew

“Be home before street lights”

I still smell the Lemonade

Being sold by little kids on the corner

25 cents a cup

Its tartness always makes

My eyes water

I can see my

White Converse sneakers

And still feel

The old laces pulled up tight

On my ankle high-tops

I remember 116th Ave


Those were the good ole days




And of course, yours truly has to give an example….

From the Lou

By Gigi

I’m from St. Louis


The smell of BBQ is met by

The river lapping

On the downtown


The Gateway Arch sways

In the wind

The bars below serve ice cold IPA

Taste the copper on your tongue

The ghost of Mike Brown

Reminds the city

The war is not yet won

Check back in next week for more installments!

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