It’s Fashion Week and We’re Getting a Makeover

Okay, so it has nothing to do with fashion week but we wanted you to know that we are still here going strong with our workshops but have seriously neglected cyber-space. We have SOOO much to tell you about but are going to do it with a new look that’s coming soon. 

Here are some teasers though…Some of our students are glossed up in a feature piece of the November issue of a Mag”O”zine. Did I give it away?

And thanks to the Cowan Slavin Foundation, we’re able to teach some cool storytelling workshops in youth homes around the city.

Finally, We’re working on the final touches of our annual Zine as well as our quarterly women’s class zine. Stay tuned on how to get your copies!

Wanna see some of our students on stage? We’re joining the Fortune Society for a poetry slam on September 20th.

Can’t make it to that? Check us out for our YJAM event where we’ll be joining GOSO and the Galinsky Vanguard for the unveiling of a cool mural protesting the carceral state by artist, Daphne Arthur (she did a comic strip for our zine, too!).  See you at noon on Saturday, October 3 on the corner of 12th in A in Manhattan!

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