Mission and Call for Help

Twice a week, we go to Rikers Island to facilitate classes for adolescents and young adults. We bring word games and prompts that encourage our youth to dig deep and write about their experiences, goals, and dreams. As volunteers and activists, we are extremely grateful for this privilege but in order to keep going, we need help from the community. Donations will help provide printed copies of each submission (we print two copies, one for the writer and another to share/send home) journals for them to write in outside of class (composition notebooks with no metal spine), golf pencils, assorted markers (sharpies last the longest), blank paper for drawing and loose leaf for writing. During class, we provide savory and sweet snacks as fun incentives to become involved in the workshop (these are kids after all!).

For students who are sent to prison or placement, we keep in touch through letters and end a small monetary amount for them to be able to mail in writing.  We’ll also be hosting workshops for individuals who have returned to the community.

To afford this we appreciate either monetary or in-kind donations. Thank you for joining us in our efforts to let these young voices be heard.