Join us on October 28th to celebrate Youth Justice Awareness Month! We’re hosting an open-mic with pieces inspired by our experiences of living behind the mask. Have you ever felt like you had to be somebody else to fit in? Come tell us about it!


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Looking for other ways to help? 

Donation Needs

  • USPS $5 money orders for postage so students in prison can submit writing
  • composition notebooks (MUJI is the most economical!)
  • Snacks (small candies, chips, cookies, gummies)
  • Thin markers for writing (Sharpie has a great product that lasts)
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Softcover urban fiction or other new novels/memoirs/comics
  • Stamps
  • Stationary
  • Amazon/Barnes & Noble Gift Cards: We currently have a deal with our younger students: for every book they read that they claimed disinterest in, we reward them with a book of their choice. This has encouraged our students to read books they otherwise wouldn’t have.
  • Monetary Donations help purchase class materials, prints for workshop writing, resume building, college material and desired field information print-outs. Here’s the Paypal link. Don’t forget to provide an address or email so we can share the zine once it’s created!


The Kite Zine

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