Residency Program

Our unique overseas residency program SEIZE THE PLANET will allow, not only formerly incarcerated youth, but any young person between ages 18-25 who’ve come from underserved communities and wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to travel.

The launch country is going to be the Dominican Republic where we’re coordinating with locals and professionals who will offer internships, mentorships, and homestays.

Every student will receive a passport, airfare and room and board for the entire month. Before leaving the island, we’ll host an award ceremony where students will receive certificates specifying the fields they practiced in. Each student will leave with a resume, credible references, and memories of a lifetime.

It’s going to take a lot of fundraising for us to do this, so if you’d like to help please reach out or click the button below!

If you’re a young person who’d like to apply for the program, email